Art Video Slideshow 201-250 Video

Using ArtRage and Infinite Painter on various drawing tablets showing a video slideshow from 201-250

Quickly Deleting Duplicate Blank Lines

I am currently hacking around with my org files and in fact macro removing quite a few unnecessary lines. However this …

Insert Unique Log Message

I had tried to implement a debugging logging/print method myself using macros but hadn’t really achieved the level …

Art Video Slideshow 151-200 Video

Using ArtRage and Infinite Painter on various drawing tablets showing a video slideshow from 151-200

Theming My Web Sites

Some ideas I am currently having for theming my web sites!

Initial focus in Occur Buffer

Just a quick one today! I am finding occur extremely useful, from building an index from my emacs init file to …

Tidying Output From playgroundai using Krita Video

Tidying up some output from playgroundai.com using Krita

Photos Hilsea 20230805

Mainly cows! they go moo, mostly and also a little furry cat thing sitting by a fire.

Cursor Blinking Rate

Sometimes I can find a blinking cursor distracting and somewhat expectant!, so currently I am favouring a solid non …

Among The Leaves Video

This was created from an initial brief. I tweaked my style slightly generally to be more of an illustrative look and had …

Imenu Indexing My emacs Init File

After implementing my simple occur indexing in my last post : Indexing My Emacs Init File A suggestion was made to put …

Indexing My Emacs Init File

Since I keep all my emacs configuration in a single .emacs file and in a hyper organised manner it means I have my init …

Sorting Org Tags using Org Mode!

Well as always a little more time with emacs a little feedback and then finding more about org I have now figured out (I …

Best Friends Video

Part of a big multipart commission I completed. This was created from an initial brief. Firstly I produced some sketches …

Mum Memorial

Portrait Memory Table Eulogy Music Collage Order of Service https://felicitydyer.muchloved.com/ Portrait Memory Table …

MAFS AU Reunion 2023 Bingo

“I have a child” harrison smirking expert john with head in his hands expert mel high eyebrow raise dan …

Colour Doodling Video 2023-04-02 Video

Using Krita and InfinitePainter on various drawing tablets and this time some doodling from my warped imagination!

Sorting Org Tags

I use a package called org-rainbow-tags which adds random colours to org tags to provide a consistent colour between …

Doodle 2023-03-31

More doodles this time using InfinitePainter and Krita and also I added a little colour!

Pieces Of Art 101-150 Video

Another 50 pieces of art I have completed in a slideshow! Using ArtRage and InfinitePainter on various drawing tablets

Trimming ArtRage Playback Scripts using Emacs

Emacs isn’t my only obsession, I like to create digital art and for that I use ArtRage. The interesting thing …

Mum Video

In loving memory Using ArtRage and Infinite Painter on various drawing tablets

Editing org files on an Android device - Part 1

Now that there is a build for emacs on Android I thought I would try and develop an emacs workflow between my Galaxy …

Replacing deadgrep with consult-ripgrep

I have been evolving my way through many differing ways of grepping recently from standard built-in greps to a few …

Midi Remix Sahara

I have been revisiting my old midi files from my the early days of music composing and upon seeing the release of …

Digital Art Printing

Once a digital piece of art has been created then it is time to print it. A few tweaks are required in my image editor …

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