Commenting Un-commenting

After watching an interesting video by EmacsElements regarding commenting and un-commenting I have to say that I …

Colour Doodling Video

Using Krita and InfinitePainter on various drawing tablets and this time some doodling from my warped imagination!

Animated Harbour Boat Video

Using ArtRage and InfinitePainter on various drawing tablets A tranquil animation

Animated White Walker Video

They sadly are no longer with us, but maybe soon… Using ArtRage on Samsung tablets

Simple Flexible Scrolling

I have written before about smooth scrolling using good-scroll and how I managed to find a semi satisfactory way of …

How to Display Google Calendar

Emacs is subsuming me! I have managed to get email up and running using mu4e and rss using elfeed and image viewing with …

Animated Buffy Video

Animating everyone’s favourite Slayer! Using ArtRage and InfinitePainter on various drawing tablets

Animated Porg Video

Using ArtRage and InfinitePainter on various drawing tablets Animating one of those very cute creatures from the Star …

Fruit Bowl Video

Just a simple fruit bowl, but with a bit of a twist! Using ArtRage and InfinitePainter on various drawing tablets

Using ripgrep within Projects

Given my recent forays into the world of grepping in emacs using deadgrep (and hence ripgrep) and my use of find-file-rg …

AI Dark Creature

Here is more experimentation using https://playgroundai.com and passing in a photo! This was the orignal piece of art: …

More flexible grepping with deadgrep

I seem to be grepping a lot recently and I think the way I use deadgrep can be improved a little. Currently deadgrep …

Dancing Fiend Animated Video

More animating my art this time one of my weird creations!

Scary Tree Animated Video

Animating some of my art, this time a scary tree that used to exist just down the road

Using org-copy-visible in dired

Just a quick one. Often it seems I need a copy of a list of files / directories in plain text without any gubbins such …

Art Assets

Table of Contents BrushBitmaps Patterns Textures Downloads of digital art assets that I have created over the years …

Creating Album Art Thumbnails for EMMS

I have been looking for a music player on Linux for a while now but haven’t really settled on one; I have simple …

Book List Older

First part of my book list up to 2007 Newer Books Full Book Wall Obviously a total list of the books that I have read in …

Frankenstein's Monster Animated Video

Animating more of my art; this time a simple Frankenstein, ahem, I mean a Frankenstein’s monster!

ArtRage Action Scripts

Table of Contents Blend-Opacity.arscript Export-Named-Layers.arscript Grid.arscript Multi-Merge.arscript BlendMode …

Dired Duplicate Here

dired can do most things for me especially now I have my DWIM image conversion scripts working and image-dired …

Fruit Bowl

I started this quite a few months back and thought I would revisit now I am catching up on all my unfinished art. …

Merging org files for Hugo static site

I have just started the process of reducing the number of org files I maintain for my web site. I now have a greater …

EveryDay Advent Calendar Video

Creating my yearly advent calendar for work with the theme this year being films featuring computers.

InfinitePainter Main Brush Settings

Below is a screenshot of my favourite tweaked InfinitePainter brush

Supernator Animated Video

Animating more of my art; this time a Superman and terminator hybrid!

ArtRage Brush Packs

Table of Contents RedSaucers Knife and Custom Brush RedSaucers Sticker Spray Photos and Art RedSaucers Sticker Spray …

Doodles Video

Some more doodles, taking jottings from a notepad and importing the image into Krita and InfinitePainter to tidy up