Book List Older

First part of my book list up to 2007 Newer Books Full Book Wall Obviously a total list of the books that I have read in …

Frankenstein's Monster Animated Video

Animating more of my art; this time a simple Frankenstein, ahem, I mean a Frankenstein’s monster!

ArtRage Action Scripts

Another set of downloads made available for ArtRage, this time action scripts which perform a series of actions relating …

Dired Duplicate Here

dired can do most things for me especially now I have my DWIM image conversion scripts working and image-dired …

Fruit Bowl

I started this quite a few months back and thought I would revisit now I am catching up on all my unfinished art. …

Merging org files for Hugo static site

I have just started the process of reducing the number of org files I maintain for my web site. I now have a greater …

EveryDay Advent Calendar Video

Creating my yearly advent calendar for work with the theme this year being films featuring computers.

InfinitePainter Main Brush Settings

Below is a screenshot of my favourite tweaked InfinitePainter brush

Supernator Animated Video

Animating more of my art; this time a Superman and terminator hybrid!

ArtRage Brush Packs

ArtRage brush packs .arpack for fast package installation (Download Link) RedSaucers Knife and Custom Brush RedSaucers …

Doodles Video

Some more doodles, taking jottings from a notepad and importing the image into Krita and InfinitePainter to tidy up

Linux Bin Scripts

A place for all my scripts in my bin folder, eventually I shall move all of these to github (Download Link)

Doodle 20230105

More doodles this time using InfinitePainter

Gallery -> Doodles

A new gallery now that I am starting to produce a few doodles

About Me

Bio I live in Portsmouth and I am a Software Engineer, quietly dabbling in some digital art with my Samsung tablets, …