Samsung Flex with linux KDE Plasma Wayland Video

With the touchscreen disabled and the use of a simple numeric keypad attached by USB C and the keys mapped using …

Quick Demo Big Jpg Video

Demonstrating the effectiveness of AI upscaling algorithm

Demo Layer Effects for Video

Showing the immense power of layer effects in ArtRage

Quick Demo Krita Thick Paint Video

Testing out Kritas rgba thick paint brushes with the new smudge engine in Krita beta 5

Quick Demo Krita Thick Smudge Video

With Krita 5 on the horizon, playing around with smudge and smearing rgba brushes in the style of ArtRage!

Quick Demo Mobile - Vs Vitae Video

A quick demonstration of the new features on the new mobile ArtRage Vitae app!

Old Artwork Upscaling WhiteHouse Video

Using ArtRage on a Surface Pro to create some digital art!

Old Artwork Upscaling Using bigjpg Video

I have images of all my old artwork from a few years ago when I took photos of them, however most were very low …

FrankenBlend blending modes Video

Overlaying a previous painting as a blend layer of Frankensteins monster to enhance a portrait. Using ArtRage on a …

Actions - Blend Modes Video

A quick demonstration of the new Actions feature in ArtRage. In this video I have demonstrated the use of Actions to …