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[James Dyer] : Sep 13, 2022 : 307 words
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Horse racing prediction program.

I have added a horse racing prediction program, neigh I hear you say but I say yay.

All you have to do here is to copy horse data from any internet site (with the start format of No Form Name into the top left region of the area above and then click on Find Winner hey presto!, a horse not to bet on, but it improves the odds.

Additional Notes (things to bear in mind)

Follow these steps to predict a winner

Step 1

To copy the data, go to the form guide area within the web site and select the race you wish to predict the winner for. Then drag the mouse cursor starting from the top left of the table of horse data down to the bottom right, so that all the horse data is highlighted. Then copy that data, either with a right click and then copy from the menu, or use the shortcutC. You can now select the text area above so the cursor is visible within it and copy the horse data into it. I generally use the shortcutV but again you can right click and select paste.

Step 2

Make sure that each line of data starts with horse number, then form, then horse name and each line is aligned to the left of the text area. Also make sure that the form is in capital letters.

Step 3

Remove any other data accidently copied across including the header indicating the contents of the columns

Step 4

Now select Find Winner, and select OK for each horse line that is calculated, until the winner is displayed at the end.

Step 5

Go to the bookies with a large bag to pick up your winnings, or pop in to the laundrette next door to pick up your laundry.